About J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management

Who we are

J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management is a family firm focused on securing your family’s financial security. Our mantra is to teach people how to “RETIRE TRULY SAFE”. 

To us, “retiring truly safe” means taking a zero-excuse approach to your financial security. No matter what financial calamity may lay ahead- we strategize how to protect families even in the worst of times- while growing their nest eggs for tomorrow. 

These ‘safety values’ are also applied to taking the correct approach to tax planning before and during retirement. Financial planning is synonymous with Retirement Tax Strategies with J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management.


John Lawrence, investment advisor, and founder of J.A. Lawrence Wealth Management, has a decade of experience in the financial services industry. His avid love of history and teaching is interwoven in the firm’s business philosophy. The firm’s ultimate goal is to provide unparalleled service with a small town feel, combined with the access of a wall street firm. 

Why Choose Us?

Portfolio management

Tax planning for retirement

Ongoing financial planning

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